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Wedding traditions like the bouquet and garter tosses are slowly making their exit from the wedding scene. While other trends are popping up like lawn games, taco trucks and the much-loved First Look! If you’re in love with the traditional aspects of weddings, then a first look might not be the top thing you’d want to incorporate into your day. My own wedding didn’t include a first look, but I have since become a huge lover of them over the years!

But what exactly is a first look, and why should you (or shouldn’t you) do one? We’ve got 6 reasons why you should include it (and one reason why you should leave it out).

1. The reactions are priceless

first-look01image to pinterestOne of my favorite things is the look on the faces of brides and grooms when they see each other for the first time! This is also true for the reaction you get when you’re walking down the aisle. But the intimate ones tend to be a little more unfiltered, a little more raw, a little more emotional. It’s a little easier to show those big expressions when you don’t have 200 people staring at you.

2. An intimate moment before the hustle of the day.

Wedding days can be a little crazy, a little hectic, a little full of really awesome details and amazing friends and family. So sometimes it’s good to slow down and take a minute to just be with the love of your life. It’s common to have some pre-aisle jitters on your wedding day. A first look gives you a quiet moment together before all eyes are on you. It gives you that moment without any guests, family or bridal party to just enjoy each other.

3. Spend more time with your soon-to-be-spouse

first-look-04image to pinterestLike we said, the day can fly by. Before you know it, you’ll be greeting guests and dancing with your ladies! Which aren’t bad things at all! But time can get away from you and it may seem like you didn’t get to spend the day with your spouse at all! A first look gives you some extra time together. Afterall, this whole day is about celebrating the two of you, so why not spend as much time together as possible!

4. Your hair and makeup is still fresh for portraits

There is something to be said about getting your portraits done right after you’re fresh out of the stylist’s chair! You look amazing, and feel great! Hair and makeup is rocking, the dress and the tux are fresh and there has been no chance for the weather to get to you! Especially if it’s an outdoor ceremony, rain, wind and heat can make small differences in how your hair and makeup hold up (plus tears, laughter, sweat – all the things that happen at the altar!).  

5. Lighting can play a factor

Ceremonies are typically scheduled later in the day, close to dinner time. Which means the sun will quickly be setting after your ceremony. This might not always be the case in the summer months or if you’re planning an early ceremony. But it’s definitely something to take into consideration when deciding if you’ll want to include a first look. With a first look, we’ll be able to get the majority of the photos done before the ceremony so we won’t have to worry about missing anything due to lighting constraints. Which also leads us to….

6. Wedding Party and Family photos pre-ceremony (and cocktails after!)

Once you’ve seen each other, it’s super easy to gather everyone up and capture all of the bridal party and family photos before the ceremony starts. This way, everyone can head straight to the reception after the ceremony and get the party started! It also allows you to add in some fun things like taking your wedding party out for drinks on a trolley around town before your reception!

And the reason why you should leave it out?

1. Because that’s what you want to do

first-look-aisleimage to pinterestSome people just love that moment when the groom sees the bride for the very first time while she walks down the aisle.

I can’t say I don’t absolutely love that moment! His face is beaming as he watches his bride-to-be float down the aisle, and that is a priceless moment in itself.

Sometimes that’s just the way to go. Especially if you’ve imagined this moment over and over again in your head, and you know that’s the only way to have a wedding. Then go for it. We will love whatever you choose! Timelines can be constructed around just about anything you want to include in your wedding day. So don’t let the other reasons get you down if you’re set on having your first look at the end of the aisle. We’re totally into that too!

But wait, there’s more!

first-look-dad-1image to pinterestA First Look with your spouse-to-be may not be for you. But you can still capture the first reactions of other special people like your Bridesmaids or your parents or grandparents. These less-typical first looks are still such a great idea to include in your day. They don’t take a huge chunk of time away from the rest of the events scheduled for the day, but the reactions are so priceless, they are definitely worth photographing!

first-look-dad-2image to pinterestAt the end of the day, it’s all about choosing the option that is best for you. I can tell you all the different things I’ve witnessed at weddings over the past decade, and I can give you my advice all day long. But remember – It’s your day, and it’s going to be AMAZING no matter what you choose!

Your big day is coming up! But there is a LOT to plan! The most important part (we think, anyway!) is the Photographer – but just how do you know when you’ve found “the one”?

We’ve got a few simple steps you can use to make sure you’ve picked the best photographer for you:

1. Do you like this photographer?

This might seem like a silly thing to think about, but honestly, you’re going to be spending the most amount of time with this person on your wedding day, so you want to make sure that time is going to be enjoyable. If you just can’t stand them, then you might want to move on to another choice. If you can picture yourself hanging out with them, sipping wine, watching a baseball game, or catching a last minute lunch date – you basically want to be their new BFF – then you should definitely consider hiring them as your photographer!

omaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0039image to pinterest

2. Do you like their photography style?

If you don’t like the photos you see in their portfolio, that may be a good indicator, they are not a good fit for you. If you swoon over the images you see on their website and can picture those photos hanging in your house, then that’s a good thing! Choose a photographer whose style matches your own – if you like really light and airy decor, then you might not want to choose a photographer with a dark, moody style. Talk to each photographer about their style and what you can expect to receive from them.

omaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0112image to pinterest3. Are they a legitimate professional?

Do they have professional equipment and lots of experience? Although equipment is not the only factor in what makes a photographer “good”, it is important that they have high-end, functioning equipment, and backup equipment so that they are prepared to capture every part of your day. Don’t get too hung up on what exact camera model they use, however, as this is not the thing that makes them the photographer they are. Remember that their style, and personal way of photographing things is what drew you to them in the first place.
Are they insured? If they do not have insurance, I would hesitate to recommend using their services. Of course, we all hope nothing bad happens at your wedding, but in case it does, you want that peace of mind that insurance offers.
Do they conduct themselves in a professional manner and respond to you in a timely fashion? Of course this is important because you want to have questions answered, you want to communicate your wedding plans with them, ask them their opinion on certain things, and ultimately, know that they are going to be there for you and offer their support through your planning and your wedding day. You want someone who is responsible and respectful, and who will provide the highest customer service. (This doesn’t mean you can text them at 11pm and expect a respond back immediately. Please also be respectful of traditional business hours.)

4. Are they within your budget?

It’s important to invest in the right areas for your wedding. Your cake will be eaten and your flowers will wilt, your dress will get dirty and your place cards might be forgotten – but your photographs will be what lasts for years and years and years. Although you don’t want to break the bank, and you don’t want to go the cheapest route either, make sure you research the average cost of wedding photographers in your area, so you’ll know what you’ll expect to spend. Be honest with the budget you’re working with, and see what the photographer offers in that price range. The national average is anywhere between $2,500-10,000 depending on where you live, the experience of the photographer, and what is included in the photography packages.

omaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0018image to pinterest5. Are they comparable to the other photographers in your area?

Take a look at a few different photographers in your area and see what they offer. If you like them all, then you can narrow it down by meeting with them in person (we offer free consultations!). You don’t have to go with the first photographer you find, we recommend you take your time and find the best fit for you. Afterall, these are the photos you’ll be cherishing for years to come, so it’s pretty important! (no pressure) 😉

hanna-josh-wedding0643image to pinterest

Amy and Dave are two of the sweetest, most genuine people I’ve ever met! And their love story is absolutely amazing. Two people from across the country met at a race at Disneyland, and the rest is history.

They were married at the historic Barn at Ackerhurst, which has recently been renovated and looks absolutely fabulous!  The whole day was filled with so much love – one of the main reasons I just love photographing weddings.  A nod to Disney was featured in the table names, and the centerpieces were reminiscent of Beauty and the Beast, which I just LOVED. Plus there were a ton of personal touches throughout, like the awesome baseball-themed groom’s cake, the beer hops included in the boutonnieres (Dave is really into beer, and I can get behind that!), and the sunflowers in honor of Amy’s mom.

The reception kicked off in the loft of the barn with touching speeches, lots of dancing and the night ended perfectly with signature cocktails and hand-toasted s’mores. YUM!

_GFP5767image to pinterest_GFP5779image to pinterest00017image to pinterest_GFP5922image to pinterest_GFP5745-BWimage to pinterest_GFP5749image to pinterest00022image to pinterest_GFP6410image to pinterest00016image to pinterest00015image to pinterest_GFP6490-BWimage to pinterest00021image to pinterest_GFP6548-BWimage to pinterest_GFP6611image to pinterest_GFP6615image to pinterest0S8A0170-BWimage to pinterest_GFP6238-BWimage to pinterest00032image to pinterest_GFP6661image to pinterest0S8A0478image to pinterest0S8A0500image to pinterest0S8A0506image to pinterest0S8A0533image to pinterest00013image to pinterest00012image to pinterest_GFP7034image to pinterest_GFP7015image to pinterest_GFP7029image to pinterest_GFP6891image to pinterest_GFP6915image to pinterest_GFP6927image to pinterest0009image to pinterest00039image to pinterest0008image to pinterest0006image to pinterest0007image to pinterest_GFP6780image to pinterest_GFP6804image to pinterest0005image to pinterest00020image to pinterest00010image to pinterest00011image to pinterest0004image to pinterest0002image to pinterest0001image to pinterest_GFP7291image to pinterest00027image to pinterest00034image to pinterest_GFP8460image to pinterest00033image to pinterest00036image to pinterest00028image to pinterest_GFP7909image to pinterest00029image to pinterest0S8A1119image to pinterest_GFP7919image to pinterest0S8A1131image to pinterest_GFP7948image to pinterest_GFP8002image to pinterest_GFP7997image to pinterest_GFP8011-BWimage to pinterest_GFP8021image to pinterest_GFP8039image to pinterest_GFP8042image to pinterest_GFP8104image to pinterest_GFP8111image to pinterest_GFP8119image to pinterest_GFP8140image to pinterest_GFP8135image to pinterest_GFP8159image to pinterest_GFP8190image to pinterest00031image to pinterest_GFP7300image to pinterest00038image to pinterest0S8A1643image to pinterest_GFP8640-BWimage to pinterest00019image to pinterest00030image to pinterest_GFP8652image to pinterest_GFP8669image to pinterest_GFP8676image to pinterest_GFP8690image to pinterest_GFP8737image to pinterest_GFP8805image to pinterest_GFP8866-BWimage to pinterest_GFP8841image to pinterest0S8A1754-BWimage to pinterest_GFP8844image to pinterest_GFP8905image to pinterest0S8A1801-BWimage to pinterest_GFP8973image to pinterest0S8A1826image to pinterest_GFP9016-BWimage to pinterest_GFP9020image to pinterest0S8A1850image to pinterest00025image to pinterest_GFP9069image to pinterest_GFP9071image to pinterest_GFP9087image to pinterest00024image to pinterest_GFP9096image to pinterest00023image to pinterest_GFP9150image to pinterest_GFP9336image to pinterest_GFP9351image to pinterest_GFP9355image to pinterest_GFP9218image to pinterest_GFP9206image to pinterest_GFP9233image to pinterest_GFP9282image to pinterest_GFP9245image to pinterest_GFP9417image to pinterest_GFP9545image to pinterest_GFP9554image to pinterest_GFP9388image to pinterest

All images © Green Feather Photography 2017


Venue: The Omaha Barn

Hair: Jessica at Strandz

Makeup: Berry Beautiful Makeup

Dress: Ellynne Bridal

Tuxes: Tip Top Tux

Florals: Avant Garden Floral

Cake: Cake Creations

Videographer: Complete

Photo Booth: Complete

DJ: Tommy at Complete

Coordination: Dream Big Events

Catering: Attitude on Food

What a fun day we had with Chelsey and Eric! Their intimate ceremony at the Sunken Gardens in Lincoln was so sweet and we loved the heart and soul that went into it. Chelsey’s mom officiated and you could tell she was just beaming with joy! After exchanging vows, the party kicked off at the Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel, with adorable purple decorations. After the toasts from the Maid of Honor and Best Man, Chelsey’s parents shared some sweet words and her dad even sang a poem he wrote which was SO so precious!

Chelsey and her mom wowed everyone with a surprise hip hop dance, choreographed to a number of different songs, and that got everyone laughing! The night ended with a packed dance floor! We really enjoyed being a part of this day!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Baker! <3
chelsey-eric-blog0004image to pinterest

chelsey-eric-blog0002image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0001image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0005image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0010image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0009image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0011image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0012image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0017image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0018image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0019image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0016image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0015image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0020image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0021image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0022image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0033image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0025image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0026image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0028image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0030image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0031image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0034image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0035image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0036image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0037image to 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pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0130image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0132image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0133image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0134image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0135image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0137image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0138image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0139image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0143image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0142image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0144image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0145image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0146image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0151image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0152image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0153image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0154image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0155image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0156image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0157image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0158image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0159image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0160image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0161image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0162image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0163image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0164image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0150image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0148image to pinterestchelsey-eric-blog0149image to pinterestAll images © Green Feather Photography 2017

Dress: David’s Bridal

Tuxes: Men’s Wearhouse

Hair: Shayla @ Salon Chic

Makeup: Angeline @ Envy Hair Studio and Salon

Hotel/Reception: Lincoln Marriott Cornhusker Hotel

Venue: Sunken Gardens

Cake: Le Cupcake

Flowers: Florist of Omaha

Calligraphy: Delania J Designs

Videographer: A Sound Impression

DJ: A Sound Impression

Coordination: Wedding Planner Omaha

Rentals: AAA Rents and Event Services

Limo: VIP Sedan & Limosine



Sam and Betsy’s wedding at the Joslyn Art Museum could not have been more perfect! So many amazing details including a stunning ivory Madison James dress and outrageously gorgeous, vibrant florals by Bou•quet! SO in love! The Joslyn was the perfect backdrop for their ceremony and reception, and made the entire day feel so classy and glamorous. Paired with all the bright colors, it was a fabulous combination of elegance with a hint of spunk! Plus, her cake from Grainolia is so unique and so so much fun! The whole day had such a great vibe – everyone was so full of joy and helped celebrate this amazing couple in the very  best way.

And the best first look reaction definitely goes to Sam! What a sweet moment they shared together before their ceremony. At their reception, they shared a super cute first dance, with lots of twirling, which we adore! Guests enjoyed mini tres leche cakes and lots of dancing!

Congratulations to these amazing newlyweds! <3

omaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0001image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0002image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0014image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0005image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0012image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0008image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0011image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0007image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0003image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0015image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0016image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0019image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0020image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0017image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0025image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0026image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0027image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0028image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0022image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0029image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0030image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0031image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0034image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0035image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0038image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0039image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0040image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0041image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0042image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0043image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0044image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0045image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0046image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0047image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0052image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0054image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0053image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0055image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0057image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0059image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0056image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0060image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0061image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0063image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0064image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0074image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0051image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0072image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0079image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0080image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0082image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0085image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0086image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0087image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0091image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0092image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0093image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0094image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0095image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0097image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0098image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0100image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0101image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0103image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0105image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0106image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0108image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0109image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0111image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0112image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0114image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0115image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0116image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0117image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0118image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0120image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0121image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0122image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0125image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0123image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0124image to pinterest0001image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0129image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0128image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0130image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0131image to pinterest0004image to pinterest0005image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0135image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0137image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0139image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0142image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0144image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0143image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0145image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0150image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0151image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0152image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0153image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0154image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0155image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0156image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0157image to pinterestomaha-wedding-photographer-joslyn-museum0146image to pinterestAll images © Green Feather Photography 2017

Venue: Joslyn Art Museum

Hair: Kirby at Kontempo

Makeup: Kristen at Kontempo

Dress: Madison James at Anjolique, North Carolina

Tuxes: Jerry Ryan

Florals: Bou•quet

Cake: Grainolia

Caterer: Abraham Catering

DJ: All Star Productions

Coordination: Lovestruck Events