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meetyourphotographerimage to pinterestHey there everyone!

I’ll be honest, I think it’s a little strange to write an entire blog post about myself  – it kind of feels like an online dating profile, or maybe like an old Myspace page (yeah, I said Myspace, I may be dating myself here…) – but I also am not a huge fan of the tiny little “About Me” section on my website either. I always say you should LIKE the photographer you’re planning on hiring. Like, really like them. But how can you REALLY like someone you don’t know very well? The info that already exists about me on my website is all true, but it’s just so….little. There’s not a lot of content or depth there. So that’s why I’ve decided to do an extended version of the “About” page so that you can get to know a little more about me and why I do what I do. And if you still think you need to know MORE about me after reading this, then we just need to hang out and chat!

I’ll try to keep this interesting, I promise! 😉

If I start at the beginning – I was born and raised in San Diego, California. And I loved spending my summers at the beach! But the Midwest always called to me. Wisconsin, specifically, holds a huge piece of my heart! My brother and I spent a lot of summers and winters there. I’ll take a lake over a beach any day! So I am truly glad God called us out here in the good ole Midwest. In the (outrageously windy) state of Nebraska – seriously, the wind is howling outside my window as I type this!

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*Check out my Felix Gray computer glasses – I love them! They make me feel way cooler than I actually am! Hah!

I’ve always had an interest in Photography. Growing up, I was the girl who always had a camera with her. Despite the fact that I knew nothing about the technical side of Photography, I just loved to take pictures of everything. I ended up getting a degree in Photojournalism, and now I use all that knowledge to photograph the real moments of life as they unfold in front of me. That’s why I love love LOVE natural moments, laughter, interaction. You’ll rarely find a posed photo in my portfolios. My goal is to make you laugh, make you remember why you love each other, make you fall in love with this stage of your life. I’m all about embracing the season you’re in, whatever it may be.

I get to do what I love every day. It sounds cliche, but it’s really not. It’s awesome. I get to spend time with my babies and still create art and images I am passionate about. I’ve met some truly amazing people over the years. Plus I love learning about people, their love, their work, their hobbies. I try to learn something new from everyone I meet. I am a collector of random facts, so this part of my job is especially appealing to me!

People always ask me what it’s like being a wedding photographer – it’s pretty amazing! I mean, I get to witness pure love and joy and nervous excitement. I get to hear the heart-felt vows, and watch the sweetest father-daughter dances. Weddings naturally get me teary-eyed because of all the emotions that go into that day. That’s not to say wedding days can’t include a little craziness and a lot of hectic rushing around. But, in the decade that I’ve been photographing weddings, I have learned so much about how the day flows and what people need from me to keep things moving forward smoothly. I always say that I’m there to help make things as easy as possible for my brides and grooms. And I love doing just that.

On the daily, you’ll catch me chasing my two boys around the house – this whole motherhood thing isn’t always easy, but it is always exciting. My guys keep me on my toes, and give me something to look forward to every day. Watching them grow and discover things is such a great thing. I was meant to be a momma, that’s for sure!

I married my love in 2012 and he still gives me butterflies to this day – sorrynotsorry for the mushy romantic stuff! We got married in what is now The Omaha Barn (it has come a long way since it was Ackerhurst Dairy Barn five years ago!). And now I get to photograph weddings there, which is awesome!
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Shoutout to my girl, Keri Menage Photography for these outdoor shots! (thanks again for the crazy wind, Nebraska!)

Things that feed my soul:

  • craft beers and fine wines – usually paired with a cheese plate or bruschetta! Bruschetta is my weakness!
  • one-on-one time with good people <3
  • campfires and crisp air (especially mountain air…it’s just so fresh!)
  • long drives with the windows rolled down and the music turned up
  • toes in the sand and the sound of the ocean
  • hot black coffee in my favorite “Hot Stuff” mug – except when I go to Starbucks, then I’ll take a soy vanilla latte please! And I won’t say no to a Carmelicious from Scooter’s!
  • people who use the “heart” icon on Facebook
  • dad jokes (they always get me, I’m super lame)
  • binge watching Netflix shows
  • organizing and rearranging furniture, and attempting to practice minimalism as much as possible with a husband, two kids and pets
  • any time spent at a cabin in the middle of the woods or on a boat on a lake

If you should walk away with anything, you should know that I’m a true chocoholic, hopeless romantic, and slightly (okay, a lot) obsessed with Fixer Upper. Those are important!

But really, you should leave here knowing that I love what I do, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. <3

introimage to pinterestHolley and Ryan tied the knot on a stormy Fall day in Omaha, Nebraska. We actually got pretty lucky with the rain – it only rained for about ten minutes the whole day, and it was a complete downpour! Luckily we were able to wait it out and then continue on with all the events, no problem. Kingsway Christian Church is the cutest little church, and I loved the backdrop it gave to all the portraits! SO dreamy!

Congratulations to the new Mr. and Mrs. Scoular!

_GFP4900image to pinterest0006image to pinterest_GFP4580image to pinterest_GFP4419image to pinterest0003image to pinterest_GFP4451-BWimage to pinterest_GFP4567image to pinterest0004image to pinterest_GFP4508image to pinterest_GFP4771image to pinterest_GFP4787image to pinterest00012image to pinterest_GFP4821image to pinterest_GFP4807image to pinterest_GFP4829image to pinterest_GFP4847image to pinterest00013image to pinterest_GFP4645image to pinterest00016image to pinterest00017image to pinterest_GFP5109image to pinterest0001image to pinterest_GFP5153image to pinterest_GFP5194image to pinterest_GFP5197image to pinterestDSC_0106image to pinterest_GFP5208image to pinterest_GFP5214image to pinterest_GFP5149image to pinterest_GFP5254image to pinterest_GFP5265image to pinterest_GFP5267image to pinterest_GFP5281image to pinterest00018image to pinterest_GFP5306image to pinterest_GFP5343image to pinterest_GFP5344image to pinterest_GFP5694image to pinterest_GFP5706image to pinterest_GFP5670image to pinterestDSC_0143-BWimage to pinterest_GFP5686image to pinterest_GFP5814image to pinterest00019image to pinterest_GFP5757image to pinterest_GFP5807image to pinterest_GFP4687image to pinterest00027image to pinterest00020image to pinterest_GFP5848image to pinterest0007image to pinterest0008image to pinterest00010image to pinterest00024image to pinterest0009image to pinterest_GFP5980image to pinterest00022image to pinterest00023image to pinterest_GFP6034image to pinterest00032image to pinterest00034image to pinterest_GFP6343image to pinterest00033image to pinterest_GFP6488image to pinterest_GFP6494image to pinterestDSC_0345-BWimage to pinterest_GFP6461image to pinterest_GFP6304image to pinterest00030image to pinterest_GFP6171-BWimage to pinterest_GFP6196image to pinterest00029image to pinterest00031image to pinterest_GFP6243image to pinterest_GFP6255image to pinterest00035image to pinterest_GFP6564image to pinterest00036image to pinterest_GFP6592image to pinterest00039image to pinterest_GFP6616image to pinterest_GFP6629image to pinterest_GFP6671image to pinterest00040image to pinterest00037image to pinterest_GFP6711image to pinterest00038image to pinterest_GFP6736image to pinterest_GFP7263image to pinterest_GFP7267image to pinterest_GFP7271image to pinterest_GFP7275image to pinterest_GFP6789image to pinterest_GFP6877image to pinterest_GFP6913image to pinterest_GFP6915image to pinterest_GFP6954image to pinterest_GFP6967image to pinterest_GFP6985image to pinterest_GFP6986image to pinterest_GFP7015image to pinterest_GFP7017image to pinterest_GFP7053image to pinterest_GFP7103image to pinterest_GFP7131image to pinterest

_GFP7217image to pinterest_GFP7197image to pinterestHair: Garbos Salon | Makeup: Savannah at Model Perfect Airbrush | Dress: Ellynne Bridal | Menswear: Tip Top Tux | Flowers: Avant Garden | Ceremony: Kingsway Christian Church | Reception: Indian Creek Golf Club | Cake: Omaha Cake Gallery | DJ: Patrick at Complete | Photobooth: Complete | Videographer: Lacework Films

mrmrskaeterimage to pinterestFriday the 13th is one of Max’s favorite movies so it was fitting to get married on Friday the 13th! There were little hints of Halloween all over this Fall wedding – spooky coloring books for the kids, a Thriller dance off, and a Friday the 13th themed groom’s cake!

This whole day was full of so much love. You could feel the excitement radiating from everyone, knowing these two are a perfect match. I always love hearing the speeches at the reception, because it gives me a little glimpse into their love story <3

Noah’s Event Venue was a perfect space for this wedding! The florals and lanterns on the table were so cozy and inviting and you could tell all the guests were having a good time celebrating the new Mr. and Mrs.! Congratulations to Max and Emily, we wish you the very best for many years to come!!

00013image to pinterest_GFP1711image to pinterest_GFP1719image to pinterest00012image to pinterest0004image to pinterest0003image to pinterest_GFP1864image to pinterest_GFP1888image to pinterest00011image to pinterest_GFP1687image to pinterest00015image to pinterest_GFP1916image to pinterest_GFP1945image to pinterest_GFP1955image to pinterest00014image to pinterest_GFP1962image to pinterest_GFP2021image to pinterest_GFP2032image to pinterestDSC_0138-BWimage to pinterest_GFP2045image to pinterest00010image to pinterestDSC_0180-BWimage to pinterest_GFP2075image to pinterest0009image to pinterestDSC_0195image to pinterest0008image to pinterest_GFP2150image to pinterest_GFP2596image to pinterest0002image to pinterest00024image to pinterest00025image to pinterest00026image to pinterest0001image to pinterest_GFP2827image to pinterest_GFP2841image to pinterest_GFP2852image to pinterest_GFP2896-BWimage to pinterest_GFP2901image to pinterest00021image to pinterest_GFP2903-BWimage to pinterest00018image to pinterest_GFP2968image to pinterest_GFP2997image to pinterest0005image to pinterest_GFP3047image to pinterest00030image to pinterestDSC_0380image to pinterest00029image to pinterest00027image to pinterest00023image to pinterest_GFP3429-BWimage to pinterest_GFP3476image to pinterest0007image to pinterest_GFP3512image to pinterest_GFP3580-BWimage to pinterest00019image to pinterest_GFP3608-BWimage to pinterest_GFP3700image to pinterestDSC_0504-BWimage to pinterest00016image to pinterestDSC_0517-BWimage to pinterest00017image to pinterest_GFP3807image to pinterest00022image to pinterest_GFP3893image to pinterest_GFP3898-BWimage to pinterest00020image to pinterest_GFP3962image to pinterest_GFP3967image to pinterest_GFP4005image to pinterest_GFP4167-BWimage to pinterest_GFP4021image to pinterest_GFP4163image to pinterest_GFP4257image to pinterest_GFP4261image to pinterest_GFP4278image to pinterest_GFP4287image to pinterest_GFP4400image to pinterest

Hair and Makeup: Sandra at PrevĂș | Dress: David’s Bridal | Tux: Men’s Wearhouse | Flowers: Hy-Vee 156th and Maple | Cake: The Cake Gallery | DJ: Elizabeth with Omaha Ballroom | Venue: Noah’s Event Venue | Catering: Attitude on Food

You probably have about 2,797 photos on your smart phone – pictures of your kids, some fun activities you did, what you ate for lunch today, your beautiful selfie face….yeah, I’m totally guilty! But where do these photos go? I’m sure most of the time, they just sit in your phone, and maybe occasionally, you glance back at them and say “Awwwweee!”.  Maybe you share a few on Instagram or Facebook. Maybe you text a few to your mom. But then what? Some really ambitious people create memory books (I have the hopes that one day I will be in this group of people, but today is not that day), but I’m guessing the majority of the population probably just keep them tucked away in iPhone land. It’s a lot of work choosing the best of the best and then adding that perfect filter and then sharing to all social media outlets and also family out of state and then framing and hanging on your wall and then…..whew, you’re exhausted just thinking about all that, right?!

Enter the magical person who can capture a photo of ALL of you at one time and make you look amazing (and if you pick a good one, someone who also prints and frames and shares the highlights on social media!) WHAT? Yes, these people do exist!

If you’re looking for that experience, then you’ll need to know a little information about why and how to book a Professional Photographer for your next family gathering, event, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or whatever it is you’re celebrating – my personal favorite: just because! This post is geared mostly toward Family Portrait Sessions, but we do have a lot of information on how to choose your Wedding Photographer here!

I think we’ve covered a lot of the WHY already, but I’ll add a few more points before we get to the HOW…

_GFP8341image to pinterest

1. You have a billion photos on your phone, but no real family pictures of all of you, dressed nice and giggling together.

This is important! Watching your family grow is a huge part of life, and documenting it is the best way to look back and remember  just how cute everyone was over the years. The pajamas and crazy morning hair are cute for those “real” moments you photograph at home – but every once in awhile it’s nice to put on your Sunday best and let someone capture all of you interacting together.

2.You deserve a break from trying to always play the “photographer” role.

Now is your chance to relax a little and not worry about getting your kiddos to smile for your picture – let your Photographer worry about that! A lot of Family Photographers have tricks and silly dances they’ve perfected to get kids to laugh and smile. If I’m being really honest here, we might have some goofy antics, but some kids just aren’t smilers, so we can’t guarantee it’ll work every single time, but we can sure try!

3. There is a huge difference in hiring a Professional or having your friend or uncle with “a nice camera”

Professionals spend many years and a ton of money learning about and perfecting their craft. They know the ins and outs of different lighting situations, how to pose you in flattering ways so you look your best, they can offer suggestions on clothing choices and location ideas, and they understand the hard work that goes into capturing those perfect moments. Your friend with a nice camera probably does not know all of this, and will not be able to produce the high quality images you see from the Photographers. There is a lot more that goes into it than just clicking a button on a nice camera. Just as you wouldn’t ask your friend who bought a nice scalpel on eBay to perform surgery on you – leave it to the professionals!

_GFP8488image to pinterest

And now that you know why you should hire a professional, HOW do you pick the best one?

1. Make sure they are fun to hang out with!

You’ll be spending a solid chunk of time with them, and you want to make sure you enjoy their company, and they are someone you like and trust enough to capture the sweet little moments of your family. Plus if you like them, it’s easier for you to relax with them, which means they’ll be able to capture real moments of joy and laughter, just like you’d be hanging out any day. This is definitely important when you are looking for someone to photograph your kids – of course you want them to interact with your kids in a fun way, so the kids have a good time too!

_GFP9217image to pinterest2. Ask them what to expect from their services

All photographers are different, and it’s good to know the details like how long your session will last, how many image proofs you will receive, what timeframe you’ll receive your proofs, and if they offer digital files versus printed products. Keep in mind, just because one photographer offers something different from another, doesn’t mean they are better or worse, they are most likely offering what they believe to be the very best service and product they can provide to you!

3. Check out their portfolio

To get an idea of their style and what kind of images you can expect from them. It’s important to choose someone who has a style you love, whether that is dramatic, moody images or bright, crisp, colorful images, or if that includes a lot of traditional, posed portraits, or a more “lifestyle”, candid approach.

_GFP0135image to pinterest

4. Remember, this is an Investment

I know it can be tough to decide how much of your hard-earned money to spend on having your portrait taken each year. I can tell you that a lot of times you’ll be disappointed if you choose a photographer solely based on the price they are offering. Occasionally you’ll find that really really great photographer who is offering a killer deal, and you absolutely should jump on that! But if you want to make the investment into some stunning photos of your family, you’ll have to remember that hiring an amazing photographer is worth it!

These are the photographs you’ll be looking back on in twenty years, so have fun and don’t stress too much. Hire a Professional to guide you through the experience and give you the memories to last you a lifetime!

All images © Green Feather Photography

mrmrsrodencalimage to pinterestJeff and Erica tied the knot at Lauritzen Gardens in Omaha, Nebraska, which is just absolutely stunning! The gardens were filled with gorgeous blooms and butterflies everywhere! And what a perfect Fall day!

Before the ceremony, Jeff surprised Erica with the best wedding gift – seriously, the cutest little puppy you’ve ever seen! Then the ceremony was full of love, laughter, touching vows and so many awesome friends and family members. It was an emotional day in the very best way, with so many sweet moments.

The reception kicked off with cake and custom cocktails and then a surprise cake for Erica’s mom, who celebrated her birthday that same night! Dinner and dancing and neon lights filled the night, and we left everyone with giant smiles on their faces.

We could not be happier for these two, who were clearly meant for each other! Congratulations Jeff & Erica!!0007image to pinterest_GFP9640image to pinterest_GFP9753image to pinterest_GFP9759image to pinterest_GFP9803-BWimage to pinterest_GFP9933image to pinterestCJP_5668image to pinterestCJP_5707image to pinterestCJP_5694image to pinterestCJP_5763-BWimage to pinterestCJP_5800image to pinterest00018image to pinterest0003image to pinterest_GFP0228 (1)image to pinterest0009image to pinterest_GFP0352 (1)image to pinterest_GFP0350 (1)image to pinterest00023image to pinterest_GFP0370 (1)image to pinterest00028image to pinterest00027image to pinterest00026image to pinterest00022image to pinterest_GFP0409 (2)image to pinterest00024image to pinterest_GFP0145 (2)image to pinterest00021image to pinterest00020image to pinterest00014image to pinterest_GFP0142 (2)image to pinterest00019image to pinterest00015image to pinterest_GFP0549 (1)image to pinterest_GFP0283 (2)-2image to pinterest_GFP0293 (2)image to pinterest00037image to pinterest_GFP0705 (1)image to pinterest00010image to pinterest00035image to pinterest00034image to pinterest0002image to pinterest_GFP1331image to pinterest00033image to pinterest_GFP1530 (1)image to pinterest_GFP1414 (1)image to pinterest_GFP1450image to pinterest_GFP1445image to pinterest00012image to pinterest_GFP1623_BWimage to pinterest_GFP1681image to pinterest_GFP1726image to pinterest00011image to pinterest_GFP1809-BWimage to pinterest

0004image to pinterest_GFP1069image to pinterest00036image to pinterest_GFP0198image to pinterest_GFP0232image to pinterest_GFP0252image to pinterest_GFP0281image to pinterest_GFP0287-BWimage to pinterest_GFP0300image to pinterest_GFP0288image to pinterest_GFP0341image to pinterest00042image to pinterest00031image to pinterest00030image to pinterest_GFP0640image to pinterest00039image to pinterest_GFP0695image to pinterest00038image to pinterest_GFP0670-BWimage to pinterest_GFP0112image to pinterest00032image to pinterest_GFP0151image to pinterest00041image to pinterestCJP_6820image to pinterest_GFP0510image to pinterest_GFP0537image to pinterest00040image to pinterest_GFP0575image to pinterest_GFP0902image to pinterest_GFP0869image to pinterest_GFP0842image to pinterest_GFP0825image to pinterest_GFP0820image to pinterest_GFP0776image to pinterest_GFP0766image to pinterest_GFP0857image to pinterest_GFP0909image to pinterest_GFP0918image to pinterest_GFP0919image to pinterestVendor Love

Getting Ready: Magnolia Hotel; Hilton Hotel

Ceremony and Reception Venue: Lauritzen Gardens

Hair: Brianne Herd

Makeup: Jamie Knott-Goessling

Flowers: Tiffany’s Flower Boutique

Cake: Alex’s Cake Shop

Videographer: By Design Films

DJ: David Shearer